Kayak hire

Sit-on-top kayak hire @ $45 / person per day

Flow kid 251c4c6c7a (no hatch)Includes:
– sit-on-top beach kayak (e.g. Mission ‘Squirt’)
– paddle

(50% discount for weekly rental)

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Note: A minimum skill/experience level is required for whitewater or sea kayak rentals

Sea kayak hire @ $65 – $75 / person per day

Ocean_02– includes sea kayak (e.g. Mission ‘Eco-bezhig’, ‘Contour 450’), touring paddle, spraydeck, PFD and self-rescue gear (i.e. pump, paddle float)
For an extra cost we can provide personal touring equipment (e.g. paddle jacket, hand pogies, dry bags, etc.) and other emergency gear (e.g. flares, split paddle, towline, etc).

To hire one of our sea kayaks, you must have attended a Learn-to-Kayak course or have an equivalent level of basic skills and experience or a competent sea kayaker will be looking after you at all times on the water.

 NOTE: We don’t rent to solo paddlers, so you won’t be able to go lake or ocean touring by yourself in our hire kayaks. Sorry.

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Whitewater kayak hire @ $55 per day

WW - Glaisnock drop Dec03– includes kayak (e.g. Eskimo ‘Xeno’, ‘Diablo’), paddle, spraydeck, PFD and helmet

At extra cost we can supply personal whitewater equipment (e.g. paddle jacket, dry bag, etc) and rescue gear (throwbag, etc)

To hire one of our whitewater kayaks, you must have attended a Learn-to-Kayak course or have an equivalent level of basic skills and experience or a competent whitewater kayaker will be looking after you at all times on the water.

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A returnable bond is normally charged. It will be re-paid to you, if the kayak and gear is returned in clean condition, with no unexpected wear or damage.

Download the Kayak Rental Agreement (to see what you’d be signing up to)

Other items

For sea kayak trips, it is advisable to take a marine VHF two-way radio, Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), maps, First Aid kit, etc. However, we do not hire these out – you should make arrangements to hire (or buy) your own emergency items.