Whitewater paddles


Fibre-reinforced nylon blades (Black colour). [Std lengths = 194cm; 196cm; 198cm]  Legal for Canoe POLO.

  Alloy shaft. Paddle weight 1430g.  –  RRP $149
Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1330g.  –  RRP $189


Tough dihedral reinforced nylon blades (Black or Blue colour). [Std lengths = 192cm, 196cm, 198cm, 202cm] Choice of fibreglass, carbon-kevlar or carbon twill shafts.

Available in 3 blade sizes
Nevis Bluff (asymmetric)

Kaituna (radical asymmetric)

(rodeo asymmetric)

Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1130g.   –  RRP $239
Carbon shaft.   Paddle weight g.   –  RRP $299


Flowtech moulded foam/fibreglass blades. Ovalised carbon shaft.
Chlorophyll asymmetric – green ‘Leaf’ blades
paddle - Robson Chlorophyll blade

Hells Bells asymmetric
paddle - Robson HellsBells blade

Woodstock asymmetric
paddle - Robson Woodstock blade

Paddle weight 1000g –  RRP $680


Compression-moulded fibreglass  blades. Ovalised carbon shaft.
Fluid asymmetric (Blue blades)
paddle - Robson Fluid blade

Mystique small asymmetric (Yellow blades)
paddle - Robson Mystique blade

Paddle weight 1050g –  RRP $595



Multi Wave

The ultimate paddle. LCS-50 epoxy carbon asymmetric blades. Ovalised carbon crankshaft.

Paddle weight 900 – 930g –  RRP $735   

Ergonom Pro Extreme

The ‘mother’ of all crankshaft paddles. LCS-70 carbon/kevlar asymmetric blades. Ovalised carbon crankshaft.
paddle - Lettmann Ergonom-Pro-extrem blade

Paddle weight 990 – 1090g –  RRP $890   

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